Flash Memory MP3 player
Flash Memory MP3 player with32MB Flash Memory card
• Fully shock proof
No moving/ rotating parts providing uninterrupted music playback
• Ultra-compact design
Advanced micro-electronic circuitry for portability and outstanding
performance, with an innovative design
• Music playing feature
Shuffle, repeat one,repeat all, play list
• Equalizer feature for Rock and Pop mode
• Extended playing time up to 12 hours
• Multi-line LCD
Multi-line display for name of song,ar tist,album, track number,
elapsed time, bitrate,play mode when in playback mode
• Bookmark function
• Listen to the music while transferring the music file
from the PC to the Flash Memory MP3 player
• RealNetwork “RealJuke box”included
• Headphone,AC/DC adaptor, parallel port cable,
removable 32 MB Flash Memory Card included