RedMax HBZ2600 manual Safety Precautions, 5 , Working Condition Warning

Models: HBZ2600

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Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions


Never use the blower without the screen at the air intake of the blower. Before each use, check that, the screw(1) is securely tightened and is free from any damage.

Manual backgroundManual backgroundWARNING

Never remove debris from the intake screen while the engine is running. Contact with rotating blower fan may result in a serious personal injury.

Do not allow children to use blower. Make sure that each person you authorize to operate the blower understands all of the safety rules in this manual.

Avoid using any accessory or attachment other than those bearing the RedMax mark for use with the blower.

When suspending a job or inspecting the blower, be sure to stop engine.

Drain the fuel from the fuel tank before transporting or storing the blower.

When storing the blower, choose a space indoors free from moisture and out of the reach of children.

Examine the blower at intervals for loose fasteners and rusted or damaged parts. Use special care around the fuel line, the muffler, and the ignition wiring.

All engine service except for those

described in this manual should be performed by competent service personnel. Improper service to the blower fan and muffler could cause a hazardous failure.

WORKING CONDITION Manual backgroundManual backgroundWARNING

Keep open flames and sparks away from the area where fuel is handled or stored, as the fuel is highly flammable.

Make sure that the engine has cooled down before refueling.

Mix and store fuel only in a approved container.

Never smoke while refueling the blower.

Wipe off any spilled fuel and tighten the fuel cap securely.

Move at least 3m(10ft) away from the fueling spot before starting the engine.

Check the work area that the blower will be used in and remove or cover all valuables that may be damaged by the air blast or thrown debris.

Avoid running the engine indoors. The exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide.


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RedMax HBZ2600 manual Safety Precautions, 5 , Working Condition Warning