Russell Hobbs RHM2305 user manual Operating instructions, Setting The Clock, Microwave Cooking

Models: RHM2305

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Operating instructions

Operating instructions

Connect the main plug into a suitable 13amp mains socket, make sure the voltage is the same as on the rating label (do not use extension cables or mains adaptors).

The microwave oven will bleep once and the display will show the clock symbol and ‘1:00’

During any cooking program,

¾To pause cooking press the STOP/CANCEL button.

¾To stop cooking press STOP/CANCEL button again.

¾Cooking or defrosting can be interrupted at any time to stir or check the food progress by opening the door. Press START button to continue program after closing the door.

¾After cooking time has elapsed ‘End’ will be displayed and 3 bleeps will be heard every 2 minutes until the oven door is opened or the STOP/CANCEL button is pressed.


The clock in this microwave will display the time as 12-hour or 24-hour format.

For example: If you want to set the oven clock time to 8:30.

1.Press CLOCK button, 12Hwill be displayed, touch the button again if you want to set the clock in 24-hour cycle.

2.Turn WEIGHT/TIME dial to indicate the hour digit 8.

3.Press CLOCK button to confirm.

4.Turn WEIGHT/TIME dial to indicate the minute digits until the display shows 8:30.

5.Press CLOCK button to confirm the setting.

NOTE: To check clock time during cooking, press the CLOCK button once.


To cook with microwave power alone, press the POWER LEVEL button a number of times to select a cooking power level, and then use the dial WEIGHT/TIME dial to set a desired cooking time. The longest cooking time is 95 minutes.

You can microwave food using 6 power settings:




100% (High)



(Medium High)

3 times



4 times


(Medium Low)

5 times



6 times

0% (Use for kitchen timer)

For example, if you want to microwave food for 1 minute at 60% microwave power:

1.Place the food in a container suitable for use with microwave ovens, put it into the microwave oven and close the door.

2.Press POWER LEVEL button three of times to set the microwave power to 60%.

3.Turn the WEIGHT/TIME dial until the correct cooking time 1:00 is displayed.

4.Press START button.

NOTE: You can check the microwave power level being used during cooking by pressing the POWER LEVEL button


Page 8
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Russell Hobbs RHM2305 user manual Operating instructions, Setting The Clock, Microwave Cooking