MENU button [MENU/]

Opens the on-screen menu and exits from the menu. Also use to exit the OSD menu or return to the previous menu.

Customized Key

You can customize key assignment for the Custom button according to your pref- erences.


You can configure the Customized key for a required function via Setup > Customized Key.

Volume button

When OSD is not on the screen, push the button to adjust volume.

>>Click here to see an animation clip Adjust buttons []

Adjust items in the menu.

SOURCE button / Enter button []

Push the 'SOURCE/', then selects the video signal while the OSD is off. (When the SOURCE/ button is pressed to change the input mode, a message appears in the upper left of the screen displaying the current mode -- analog or digital input signal.)

/ Activates a highlighted menu item.


If you select the digital mode, you must connect your monitor to the graphic card's DVI port using the DVI cable.

>>Click here to see an animation clip AUTO button

Use this button for auto adjustment.

(Available in Analog mode only)

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Power button [] / Power indicator

Use this button for turning the monitor on and off.

/This light glows blue during normal operation, and blinking blue once as the monitor saves your adjustments.


Using this camera, you can view and send video for video chatting.


Using this microphone, you can view and send audio for video chatting.


You can hear sound by connecting the soundcard of your PC to the monitor.