Take self-portraits with the front camera. You can preview various beauty effects on the screen.

1 On the preview screen, swipe upwards or downwards, or tap

to switch to the front

camera for self-portraits.





On the shooting modes list, tap Selfie.

Face the front camera lens.

When the device detects your face, tap the screen to take a photo of yourself.

Alternatively, show your palm to the front camera. After recognising your palm, a countdown timer will appear. When the time is up, the device will take a photo.

To take a photo using your palm, tap Shooting methods and then tap the Show palm switch to activate it.

Applying beauty effects

You can apply the spotlight effect or modify facial features, such as your skin tone or face shape, before taking self-portraits.



This feature is only available in some shooting modes.

On the preview screen, tap .

Select the options below to apply beauty effects to your face on the preview screen and take a photo of yourself.

Skin Tone: Make your skin appear brighter and clearer.

Slim Face: Adjust the face shape and make your face appear slimmer.

Large Eyes: Make your eyes appear bigger.