Install on a stable level surface


Be sure to connect POWER PLUG and
POWER CORD properly.
Be sure to plug the POWER CORD
into a proper outlet for the washer.
An improperly attached plug may
catch fire.
Never disconnect by pulling the
cord. Hold the plug as you pull it out.
Never use a damaged POWER CORD.
Never connect and/or disconnect the
POWER PLUG with wet hands, it may
cause an electric shock.
Do not allow the wash load to stick
out from the WASH or SPIN TUB.
Do not wash, rinse or spin
waterproof clothes or sheets.
Push evenly thick clothes or bulky
wash items completely down into the
WASH or SPIN TUB. Otherwise, it
may deform or damage the washer.
Do not use water hotter than
It may deform plastic parts
in the washer and cause a
Do not put your hand(s) under
the washer during operation.
It may deform or damage the
washer, and it may cause
you injury.
Do not get on the washer or
put any heavy things on the
Rotating parts may cause
Connect the DRAIN HOSE
Extension of DRAIN HOSE.
Shorter than 1m
Lower than 15cm
Not higher than 1m
Never let the end of the DRAIN HOSE be
immersed in the water.
Be sure not to bring any type of
flame near the washer or put lit
cigarettes or volatile materials on
the top of the washer.
Never wash items stained with
benzine, kerosene, thinner or
It may deform the washer or
catch fire, because this washer
has a large number of plastic
Do not install the washer in the bath-
room or very humid place.
It may cause a malfunction
or an electric shock.
This appliance is not intended for use by
persons(including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
It may cause a risk of fire or
Be sure not to splash or pour
water on the CONTROL PANEL.
It may cause a malfunction or
an electric shock.
Do not allow your washer to be
repaired by an unqualified service
It may cause a risk of accidental
If the washer operates abnormally,
it may cause injury.
If the power cord is damaged, in
order to avoid danger, please ask
a technical person to repair it.
Be sure to remove things such as
keys, pins and coins from the lau-
into the outlet.
Let down the DRAIN
Connect the INLET HOSE
Wash oily or dyed laundry
Wash delicate clothes in a
nylon net.
Wash fuzzy la undry b y turni ng it
inside out .


Install the washi ng machine on a st able,
level surface.( oblique angl e should be
within 2°
This washing mach ine has ventil ation openin gs in the base. Do n ot obstruct th e holes with a car pet or towel.
Keep the washing ma chine more tha n 5cm
apart from the wall t o prevent a nois y sound
while spinning.
Never put your hand(s) into the
WASH or SPIN TUB, while the
washer is operating.
If you reach into the WASH or
SPIN TUB, it can cause injury.
<Without pump model>
<With pump model> The new hose-sets supplied with
the appliance are to be used and
that old hose-sets should not be