Getting started

LiveWare™ manager

LiveWare™ manager is a setup application that is pre-installed on Sony and/or Sony Ericsson phones running Android™ version 2.3 and later. When you connect your phone to a TV set via TV Dock using a HDMI™ cable, LiveWare™ manager identifies the connection and starts the TV launcher application. Always make sure that you have the latest version of LiveWare™ manager installed on your phone.

Upgrading LiveWare™ manager

Before you can upgrade the LiveWare™ manager application, make sure that you have a Google™ account and a working Internet connection. For more information about upgrading LiveWare™ manager, go to

To upgrade the LiveWare™ manager application

1From your phone’s main application screen, find and tap Play Store.

2Tap to open the search field, then type LiveWare.

3Tap to start searching.

4Select LiveWare™ manager in the result list, then tap Update.

Google Play™ may not be available in all countries or regions. When you download content to your phone, you may be charged for the amount of data transferred to your phone. Contact your operator for information about data transfer rates in your country or region.


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