W Series LCD Television

Key Features

10-bit 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution Panel (1920x1080)
BRAVIA Engine EX Video Processor
Live Color Creation System featuring WCG-CCFL backlight
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 16,000:1 (On-screen Contrast Ratio
Deep Color capability (HDMI v1.3 option)
x.v.Color connectivity (HDMI v1.3 option)
Xross Media Bar®
XMB) Advanced HD User Interface
Feature Expansion Capability
ATSC Digital Tuner with unscrambled digital cable (QAM)
Digital Amplifier with S
-Force Front Surround
Sleep Timer

Key Technologies

Full HD 1080
There are a lot of ways to define high-definition but BRAVIA® Full HD means youre getting the best resolution
that high-definition has to offer consumers. With Sony BRAVIA W Series HDTVs, Full HD 1080 means 1920 x 1080 pixels and
1080p video inputs. Your lifestyle demands the best in high-definition and with BRAVIA Full HD 1080 products you get it.
1920 x 1080 Panel Resolution
1920 x 1080 Panel Resolution --- When it comes to high-definition TV the pinnacle of
performance is achieved by using 1920 x 1080 display panels. And BRAVIA W Series televisions have them. Full HD 1920 x 1080
panel resolution with over 2 million pixels 5(more than twice that of 720p HDTV) is exactly what you need to reproduce the
1080p content that can be delivered by our cutting edge 1080p Blu-ray disc player.
bit Processing and 10
bit Display
While it's great to state that a TV is capable of creating billions of colors it's a whole
lot better when you have a display that can actually display them. That's the logic behind Sony's 10-bit processor and 10-bit
display. Sony follows 10-bit processing with a 10-bit panel, allowing 64 times the levels of color expression than an 8-bit panel.
What that translates to is smoother transitions from color to color and subtle color changes faithfully reproduced.
EX Full Digital Video Processor
The BRAVIA Engine EX full digital video processing system is based on
famous BRAVIA Engine video processing system. It has all of the same functions of BRAVIA Engine plus the added ability to
upconvert 480i standard definition signals via Digital Reality Creation Multi Function v1.0 technology for a picture with more
detail and definition.
Live Color Creation
System featuring WCG
Decades of television know how allow us to realize that an LCD TV is
more than just the panel; its actually a system. Uncompromised picture quality starts with combining carefully chosen
components and circuits to optimize system quality, among these are the color creation and processing functions. Thats
what Live Color Creation is all about. It starts with the BRAVIA Engine EX video processing system, which enhances primary
colors and corrects half-tone colors for natural overall color. Next, a WCG-CCFL backlight using Sonys phosphor formula
delivers a specific spectrum of light designed to work with our specially formulated color filters. The combination of these
three components creates deep, deep blues and natural greens for overall colors that draw you right into the picture.
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) Function
Sonys Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) builds on our excellent on-
contrast ratio performance of 1,800:1 . A Dynamic Contrast Ratio of up to 16,000:1 is achieved by using real-
time image
processing to adjust the contrast along with optimizing backlight levels. But rather than focus on the "numbers", Sony
focuses on actual picture performance avoiding exaggerated blacks where detail can be lost. ACE translates to blacker blacks
in darker scenes, as well as better shadow detail in other scenes for a difference that you can see.
BRAVIA® HDTV's performance has now advanced to the point that the color range can be defined
by limitations in the original video source, rather than the TV. Thanks to the adoption of a newly approved international color
standard called xvYCC (an option in the HDMI v1.3 spec and which Sony participated in creating), the color space has been
greatly expanded. 1.8 times as many natural colors as existing HDTV signals will now be faithfully reproduced. x.v.Color is the
name Sony has chosen to promote video products that include xvYCC capability. x.v.Color enabled products can now offer
more accurate color reproduction and natural colors.