Plasma WEGA™ flat panel television

• Ultra-slim,stunningsemi-floatingglasspanel design
• DVI-HDTV inputsecuresaccess to HighDefinitioncontent
• Movies willalways look theirbest withCineMotion™technology
• View digitalimages on yourTV with MemoryStick® media
• Enjoy stunningpictureenhancementwith SonyWEGA Engine™System
The WEGA Engine™ System Sony's proprietary WEGA Engine™ system maintains the picture in the
digital domain from the first stage to the last- end-to-end digital accuracy to deliver superb picture
quality from any video source. Direct Digital Circuitry II (DDC II) increases the signal to noise ratio before
it passes through to the DRC® circuit. Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction V1 Circuitry raises
standard definition signals to HD quality to display clear, stable images from any video source. MID®-X
Multi Image Driver Circuitry scales all incoming standard and HD signals to the configuration of the
panel without degrading signal quality, and provides Twin-View™ picture-and-picture features.