Live beyond your computer. Sony bridges the
world of IT and TV technologies to bring you
HT-Series PC/TV Displays.
Connects directly to televisions, DVD players,
VCRs, satellite and cable boxes as well as PCs
with standard and digital connections for a
display that show you everything you want to



Designed for computer, video and
Integrated NTSC TV tuner, HDTV connectivity and
SRS WOW™ 3D Audio Technology for a premium
experience with flexible TV/PC connectivity.
Enjoy HDTV content right at your desktop. Supports
up to 1080i and 720p formats when connected to a
high-definition video signal (displayed at native 720P
resolution via YPbPr or component).
Premium Picture Quality
High brightness LCD panel w/ XBRITE™ LCD
Technology, high contrast and fast video response
time means superior video performance for video and
Integrated Sony TV tuner with picture-in-picture
feature lets you easily intermingle television and movie
viewing with computing.
Remote Control
Access features, channels, television and video
source control, power, volume and more.