Toshiba International Corporation Uninterruptible Power Systems
Revision 2.0
Mar 2008

Product Specifications

INPUT Voltage 230Vac
Voltage Range 161V~276V (+20% to -30%)
Frequency 50/60 Hz Auto Sensing
Synchronization window ± 3Hz
Power Factor Greater than 0.97
THD Current Less than 9% at Full Load
Topology True On-Line, Double Conversion, Input PF Correction
OUTPUT Voltage 208/220/230/240Vac
Capacity (VA) 1500VA
Capacity (W) 1050W
Voltage Regulation ± 2%
Voltage Distortion Less than 5% THD at Full Non-Linear Load. Less than 3% THD at full Linear Load.
Step Load ± 9 % max from 100% to 20 % or from 20% to 100 % linear load
Rated Current 6.52A
Overload Capacity 125% for 1 minute, 150% for 10 seconds
Crest Factor 3.0 at full load
Frequency 50/60 Hz Auto Sensing
Frequency Regulation ± 0.25Hz
Wave Form Sine wave, Zero Transfer Time
Load Power Factor 0.7
Efficiency AC to AC Greater than 86%
BATTERY DC Voltage 36V
Backup Time 6 min (full load) 18 min (half load)
Battery type Yuasa Flame Retardant Lead Acid 9Ah/12V
Number of batteries 3
Recharge time <4 hours to 90%

1000 Series 1500VA 230V Rackmount 2U -


1000VA 230V/230V Rackmount 2U. The 2U Rackmount comes standard with
230/230VAC and also allows the addition of battery cabinets for longer run times.