2. Pour water through opening into a sink or tub.
3. Replace bucket.
NOTE: If the Empty or Adjust Bucket light comes on, the
dehumidifier will not operate. Empty or adjust bucket.

Drain Hose to Empty Water

NOTE: If your dehumidifier does not have a drain hose connector
cover, go to Step 2.
1. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, turn drain hose connector
cover counterclockwise to remove. Discard cover.
2. Drill out only the center of the drain hose connector. Use a
minimum ¹⁄₄" drill bit.
3. Attach a garden hose to drain hose connector.
NOTE: The garden hose should not be longer than 8 ft
4. Place the other end of garden hose into a floor drain. Check
to see that the hose lies flat and is in the drain.
NOTE: To use the bucket without the garden hose, seal the drain
hose connector with a garden hose cap.
Water Level Float and Automatic Shutoff
All dehumidifiers have automatic shutoff and a water level float.
All dehumidifiers feature an adjustable water level float.
NOTE: The bucket must be properly aligned for the water level
float to work.
You can set the adjustable water level float at the high or low
position. Both settings will turn off the dehumidifier automatically.
To adjust water level, push float left or right until it snaps into
HighThe water level float is preset to the High position (left
side of opening). The dehumidifier will shut off automatically
when bucket is ³⁄₄ full.
LowSlide water level float to the right side of opening to
make the bucket lighter to carry. The dehumidifier will shut off
automatically when bucket is ¹⁄₂ full.
Normal Sounds
When your dehumidifier is operating normally, you may hear
sounds such as:
Compressor sounds, which may be loud. This is normal.
Clicking sounds when the dehumidifier or compressor turns
off and on, and when the Automatic Shutoff Switch is
Air movement from the fan.
A.Drain hose connector cover (on some models)
A.Center of drain hose connector
B.Do not damage outside, or connection will leak.