The Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ VH30AK se-
ries B&W video-intercom system uses the most ad-
vanced technology available for positively identifying
visitors to a building, and securing the residents.
Visitors call from one or more lobby entrance stations,
and the system will automatically switch all voice, video
and door release functions to the calling entrance.
The video image will appear automatically, once a call
is placed, and residents can discretely 'screen' their
calls, before answering. If a resident chooses to reply,
all they need to do is lift the voice handset and speak
normally. Once a visitor is positively identified, the
resident can activate the entrance door release, by
depressing the Door Release Button for a few seconds.
With the S.T.R.™ VH30AK, Seeing is Believing!!!!
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1. Momentarily depress button (for a few seconds) for apartment
you wish to call. This will signal the buzzer (or optional Alpha-
tone™) signal at the apartment monitor handset, and will cause the
video screen to light and display the visitor.
2. Reply in a normal voice when spoken to. Visitor reply is hands-
free (unless a privacy handset is provided at the entrance station).
3. When door release activates (buzzes), enter through door.
1. You will hear a buzzer (or electronic chime sound) when a visitor
presses your button at the entrance station.
2. View the visitor on the B&W video screen. You may adjust the
picture brightness, contrast and/or vertical hold as desired, using
the front mounted rotary controls on the video monitor.
3. You may choose to ignore the caller, or lift the intercom handset
to answer. Speak to the visitor in a normal voice. Make sure you
positively identify all visitors before activating the door release...
or do not open the door!
4. Only if you are satisfied with the identity of the visitor,
momentarily depress the door release (KEY) button on the hand-
set, which will electrically activate the door release mechanism.
Activating the door release will not shut off the video picture.
Video monitor will time-out automatically after approx. 40 seconds
(unless the time-out duration has been changed by the installer/
In systems with multiple door entry stations, the system will
automatically switch the voice, video and door release functions
to the last entry station that placed a call.
• 4.0" (diagonal) Crystal Clear B&W 'Flat' video screen
Convenient Duplex Voice Operation
Easy Installation Surface or Desk (with optional desk adaptor)
Clear Voice Fidelity using Electret Condenser Microphones
Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
Monitor portion features quick disconnect wire harnesses
Low profile flush monitor protrudes only 2.25" from wall
Monitors feature front-mounted Brightness/ Contrast/
Vertical Hold controls
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Rev. 1 - 08/03
Due to continuous product improvement, all colors, sizes, materials,
finishes and specifications are subject to change without notice.

VH30AK B&W Video-Intercom System

Intercom Handset
4" (diagonal)
B&W Video
'Flat' Screen
Vertical Hold
Not Used
Door Release Button
(Key Symbol)
(Simulated Picture. NOT shown actual size)