Altec Lansing 1M414 inMotion Mobile Speaker System, Box Contents, iM413 model made for, Power

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inMotion Mobile Speaker System

inMotion Mobile Speaker System

Spread Your Sound Around

Congratulations on your purchase of an inMotion system—the portable system with an advanced Class D amplifier, surround effect technology and crystal-clear speakers. Its sleek design cradles your MP3 player securely and attractively as it pumps out full-range, full-bodied sound that fills the room. The inMotion system’s twin, bass-enhanced neodymium speakers blend power and clarity. The built-in FM radio expands your listening options while the wireless remote increases your freedom.You can plug in the inMotion system for AC power,

or use batteries to take the music with you. So let the music out!

Box Contents

inMotion digital speaker system

Wireless remote

Power supply

User’s guide and quick connect instructions

iM413 model made for:

Sansa® e200 Series

Sansa® c200 Series

iM414 model made for:

• Zune30GB, 80GB, 8GB, 4GB

Connecting Your MP3 Player

Dock your MP3 player by sliding it on top of the inMotion system docking station. If provided, first install the docking adapter that came with your MP3 player. While the docking adapter is not required for proper functioning of your MP3 player and inMotion system, it may provide a better fit.


Use one of the following two options to power your inMotion system:

AC Power (wall outlet)

Insert the barrel connector from the power supply into the DC connector on the rear of the inMotion system. After this connection is made, insert the power supply into a wall outlet.

DC Power (battery)

Install 3 AA batteries (not included) into the battery compartments in the rear of the inMotion system. Make sure the batteries are installed as illustrated in the battery compartments.

Start Playing

1.Turn on your MP3 player.

2.Turn on the inMotion system by pushing the Spread Your Sound Around button for about 2 seconds. The LCD screen turns on.

3.Press the “SOURCE” button until “Sansa” (iM413 model) or “Zune” (iM414 model) is selected on the LCD screen.

4. Use the


buttons to navigate through your playlist.

NOTE: To avoid hearing a popping sound when you turn on your inMotion system, always turn on your MP3 player or other audio source first.

Power Off

Turn off the inMotion system by pushing the Box Contents button. The LCD screen turns off.

FM Radio

The inMotion system features a built-in FM radio.

Activate the FM radio mode:

Press the “SOURCE” button until “FM” is selected on the LCD screen.

Scanning FM radio stations:


Press and hold the


buttons to scan radio stations in an

incremental manner.



Programming FM radio stations:

To program FM radio stations into the wireless remote, follow the steps below:

1. Press the “SOURCE” button until “FM” is selected on the LCD screen.

2. Use the


buttons to tune in the station to be preset.

3.To program the station in the inMotion system memory, press and hold one of the preset buttons (P1, P2, P3) on the wireless remote for approximately 3 seconds. The LCD screen will display the preset number when a station has been successfully programmed.

Once an FM radio station has been programmed, simply press the appropriate preset button (P1, P2, P3) on the wireless remote to select it.

NOTE: To re-program a station in the inMotion system memory, simply repeat steps 1-3.

Connecting to an Alternate Audio Source

The inMotion system includes an auxiliary input jack (AUX) that allows you to connect to alternate audio sources, such as non-dockable MP3 player models, CD players, portable DVD players, and PCs and laptops. To connect the inMotion system to an alternate audio source, follow the steps below.

1.Locate a 3.5 mm stereo cable (not included).

2.Connect one end of the 3.5 mm stereo cable into the auxiliary input jack (AUX) located on the back of the inMotion system, and the other end to the headphone or line out jack on your alternate audio device.


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Altec Lansing 1M414 manual inMotion Mobile Speaker System, Box Contents, iM413 model made for, iM414 model made for, Power