Ashly manual Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor, Features and Specs, Applications

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Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor

Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor

Features and Specs

November 1, 2004

The Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor uses modular expansion cards to provide up to twenty-four channels of audio matrixing and processing. The base unit offers a four-input four-output configuration. Each input and output expansion card has an individual DSP processor allowing you to expand the base unit’s total inputs or outputs four channels at a time. These cards are easily installed. Matrixing allows you to route any input to any output and control individual levels once they have been assigned. Fixed path architecture and extensive processing power per channel will reduce the amount of time it takes to set up your system.

Input channel processing blocks include Mic Preamp with Phantom Power, Gain, Delay, 15 EQ Filters, Gate, Autoleveler and Ducker. Output channel processing blocks consist of a Cross Point Mixer, HPF/LPF, Delay, 15 EQ Filters, Gain and Limiter. The cross point mixer in the output section allows you to route any input to any output at any level and mute any input at any output without affecting the true input configuration. The HPF/LPF block offers Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filters with 12, 18, 24 and 48dB octave slopes.

Euroblock connectors for audio, preset recall, dc remote level control and data in/out connections are on the rear panel. Standard 9-pin RS-232 data connectors are located on the front and rear panel to allow all functions to be controlled either by a PC or a dedicated control system.


Corporate Boardrooms, Restaurants, Courtrooms, Houses of Worship, Left/Center/Right Theatres, Conference Centers, Auditoriums or anywhere a zoned system requires signal processing

• Base Model - Four Inputs Four Outputs

• Euroblock Connectors



• Expandable To 24 Total Channels

• Remote Voltage Control of First Four Input and Output Levels

• Inputs Configurable for Mic or Line Level

• Contact Closure For Remote Recall Of Up To Eight Presets

• 35 Internal Presets

• +48V Phantom Power



• Protea System Software Control via RS-232

• Password Protected System Security






Wall Receptacle Remote Control Accessories WR-1 Remote Volume Control (Two volume pots) WR-2 Remote Contact Closure (Four preset switches)

WR-3 Active Remote Control (Active input volume, output volume, preset recall)

Wall remotes are designed to fit in standard electrical boxes and can be ordered with white or beige faceplates.

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Ashly manual Protea 24.24M Matrix Processor, Features and Specs, Applications