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WR-4 Active Remote Operating Instructions
The WR-4 is a microprocessor-controlled wall remote control unit for the 24.24M matrix
processor designed to allow zoned source selection and zone volume control. The WR-4
controls the 24.24M input channel source selection of the specified output channel using the
six upper selection keys. The WR-4 will also allow control of the output channel volume
using the two lower keys. To select an input audio source, simply press one of the six
corresponding input select keys. Multiple input sources may be assigned to a single select
key, and also multiple selected keys may be engaged at a given time. Select keys that are
currently engaged will have their corresponding LED lit. To deselect an input source, simply
press the corresponding key again. To change the output volume, simply scroll the up and
down arrow volume control keys. The WR-4 installs in a standard wall-mounted electrical
box. Up to four WR-4 or WR-3 wall remotes can be phantom-powered from a 24.24M main
unit. Connection to the 24.24M is via the Data In and Data Out terminals on the rear of the
24.24M, and can communicate up to 1,200 feet (365 meters). Additional wall remotes can
be used provided an external power supply is properly connected (see section xx.x).
When pressing a source select key, the corresponding LED may take up to a second to
respond because the remote is communicating the command to the 24.24M and waiting for
a confirmation reply from the 24.24M before changing the corresponding LED indicator.
The WR-4 must be programmed with the input channels to be selected by the source select
keys, and the output channel that is controlled by the volume control keys. The WR-4 is
programmed using it’s own pushbutton keys when powered by a 24.24M main unit. To
program the WR-4, follow the programming instructions below.
To program the Device ID of the 24.24M device that the WR-4 will control:
1. Simultaneously press select keys one and six to enter the DEVICE ID PROGRAMMING
MODE. The first select LED will start flashing indicating it is in the Device ID
programming mode.
2. The number displayed in the numeric LED display is the Device ID of the 24.24M that
the WR-4 will control. Simply scroll the up and down arrow keys to change the
Device ID.
3. Press select keys one and six together again to accept the Device ID and return to
normal operating mode.
4. Programming modes can be disabled from being activated from the front panel keys
by switching the rear-side red switch number one to ON.