VoIP Phone


ISO 9001:2000 Certied Company
SIP VoIP Phone
Cost-saving solution for small business/home users
Voice quality that is comparable to the PSTN voice quality
Built-in LCD display
The VoIP Phone provide a cost-saving solution for small business/hom e users on
their telecommunication needs.
VoIPMaster Phone: follows the open standard RFC-3261 SIP protocol to make
sure that the user can easily install this IP phone on most existing VoIP services.
By using the state-of-the- art DSP (Digital Sig nal Processing ) tec hnology, it deli-
vers outstanding voice quality that is comparable to the PSTN voic e quality. With
the built-in LCD display,the user can easily congure the A07-VP3302 for rst time
installation in a few minutes.