CTI Link Installation Manual Page 1
IP Office 4.0 15-601034 Issue 11 (6 December 2006)
CTI TAPI Installation


IP Office CTI Link is available in Lite and Pro versions, which provide run-time interfaces for applications
to use. The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides documentation on both Lite and Pro interfaces for
software developers.
Both the Lite and Pro versions are the same program. The additional functionality provided by IP Office
CTI Link Pro is enabled when the CTI Link Pro licence key is installed.
This guide covers the installation and configuration of the TAPI driver. Installation of the DevLink files are
also detailed. For programming details, refer to the TAPI Link Developer's Guide and the DevLink
Programmer's Guide, respectively.

IP Office CTI Link Lite

IP Office CTI Link Lite is a free of charge application and contains the following component:
TAPILink Lite
This component implements Microsoft TAPI and allows programs to control one telephone line
per PC. It provides simple CTI, including answer, hangup, make-call, transfer and screen-
popping functionality. See the TAPILink Developers Guide for more details on TAPILink Lite and
TAPILink Pro.

IP Office CTI Link Pro

IP Office CTI Link Pro includes all of the Lite functionality and the following components:
TAPILink Pro
This component provides both first-party and third-party TAPI control of telephony devices. In
addition to the functionality provided by TAPILink Lite, it also adds the ability to receive
information on ACD queues, hunt groups and provides additional advanced functionality. Please
see the TAPILink Developers Guide for more details on TAPILink Lite and TAPILink Pro.
DevLink Pro
This component provides a real-time event stream. The real-time event stream provides
information on telephone activity as and when that activity occurs and also provides information
on trunk activity.