AVerDiGi Hybrid NV6240EXPRESS 8CH
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Achievable Configuration

Product NV6240Express 8CH (PCI-E)

Video Input 8 Channels (single card) 16 Channels (two cards)
Audio Input 8 channels 16 channels
Display Rate(NTSC) 240 fps 480 fps
Rate(NTSC) (CIF) 240 fps 480 fps
Rate(NTSC) (VGA) 240 fps ** 480 fps **
Hybrid Network Video Recorder
(Accepts both CCTV/Analog as well as
IP Cameras)
Remote backup of video surveillance data
True PCI-Express interface provides
higher bandwidth and the ability to
record in real time up to 640x480
(VGA) resolution
MegaPixel IP Cameras (Arecont ®,
Iqinvision ®) Supported
Point of sale integration (ANSI ASCII
Serial output based cash registers) Watermark image verification technology
Dispatch Server shares internet access
loading Supports over 12 different languages
Attention metric designed to measure
the attention span of security officers Virtual keyboard
Intelligent Status Notification (Alert
you on HDD space, CPU load, Memory
usage, etc)
Record up to 8 audio channels per card or
16 channels for 2 cards
Display up to a matrix of 8 channels on
RCA output (per card). Up to 16
channels for 2 cards
Watch dog function built in
Smart Voice detection recording Video enhancer software designed to
Visually enhance surveillance video data
Supports Dual Monitor Display DDNS function supports dynamic IP
Bookmark playback for easier retrieval Central monitoring system enables users to
access and monitor multiple DVRs
simultaneously for a wide range of
Backup to DVD/CD-RW directly Plus much more!