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Canon designed the imageCLASS2200 as an advanced digital
imaging system thatcan function as a stand-alone copier or as a
networked multifunction document-processing system, offering the
convenience ofcopying, network printing and faxing.* Either way,
it provides the reduced maintenance and superior reliability of
Canon’sEP-62 replaceable Single Cartridge technology. Now, more
businessesthan ever can enjoy the productivity ofseveral advanced
office machinesin a fraction of the space, at a fraction of the cost.
In one space-saving design, you’llbe able to generate, duplicate
and communicate information faster and easier than ever before.
With the Canon imageCLASS2200, you’ll spend lesstime running
from machine to machine, and more time running your business.
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SCAN-ONCE-PRINT-MANY. Faster and more efficient, Canon
digital technology allows originalsto be scanned once and
stored in memory, greatlyincreasing productivity.
IMAGE QUALITY. With up to 600-dpi resolution, the
imageCLASS2200 offers outstanding reproduction, faithful
to the original in every detail. Even difficult originals, such as
illustrations, photographsand textured drawings, reproduce
with superior image quality.
PRODUCTIVITY. Advanced copying features, plusbuilt-in
expansion capabilitiesfor networking, allow companies to
customize the system to their ever-changing needs.
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With the imageCLASS2200, you’re able to configure the system
to meetyour specific requirements. Thanksto its flexible modular
design, you can optimize your capabilitiesnow, or expand them
asyour business grows. Startwith a 16-copy-per-minute, walk-up
digitalcopier. Then add network expansion boardsand accessories
to make your workgroup more productive: a 50-page Automatic
Document Feeder, an additional 250-sheet universalCassette Feeding
Module or Super G3 Facsimile Expansion Board. You can even enhance
your capabilitiesfurther with the MultiSpot NetworkPrinter option,
which includesNetSpot NetworkDevice ManagementSoftware.*
* May require optionalequipment.
** Approximate 3-second-per-page faxtransmission time based on ITU-T No. 1 Chart (MMR, Standard Mode) at33.6 Kbpsmodem speed.
The PublicSwitched Telephone Network (PSTN) currentlysupports 28.8 Kbps modem speedsor lower, depending on telephone line conditions.
Source: Based on a studyof V.34 phone billsavingsprepared by Davidson Consulting, 1997.
Based on ITU-T No. 1 Chart(Standard Mode).
Digital Technology for any workplace.

Step up to the versatility ofthe imageCLASS2200 from Canon.

It’s the expandable digitalsolution that’s powerful enough to give

any size workgroup the outstanding performance enhancements

of digitalcopying technology, yet flexible enough to incorporate

the productivity ofnetworked document management now or

later—whenever your business is ready.