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By adding the optional Facsimile Expansion Board, you’llgain
the significantcost-saving advantages ofhigh-speed Super G3
Faxtechnology. Transmitting documents at 33.6 Kbps
(approximately3 seconds per page**), Super G3 technology
resultsin substantially reduced telephone line charges. So, a
typical high-volume user, for example, can save over $10,000
during a five-year period
if upgrading from an older, conven-
tional fax machine. What’smore, with 9MB of standard fax
memory, it will store up to 576 pages
for transmitting or
receiving documents.
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Connected to your network, the imageCLASS2200 makes
it easy to print images, up to 11" x17," directlyfrom your
computer while providing the abilityto interface with the
entire workgroup. The MultiSpot
NetworkPrinter Option,
operating in Windows
95/98 and WindowsNT
4.0 environ-
ments, offers PCL
6 support, making it an excellent primary or
secondary networkprinter within the workgroup, delivering
true 600-dpi text and images. Designed for maximum output
quality and throughput speed, it prints16 razor-sharp, letter-
sized pagesper minute.
Bundled with the MultiSpotNetwork Printer Option is
Canon’s NetSpot
Network Device Management Software,
which providesevery user with an intuitive interface to make
network device management simpler. Easy-to-follow “point-
and-click” screensenable users to interact with the devices
on the network directly from the desktop. With NetSpot,
you’ll be able to complete multiple tasks in minimal time,
such asconfirming printer configurations or inquiring about
paper supply, job status, device featuresor system conditions.
Whichever platform you use, NetSpotoffers a level ofuser-
friendly functionality not available from anyother network
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As the leading producer of network-connected multifunction
devicesin the industry, as well asAmerica’s #1 black-and-
white Copier and #1 Laser Facsimile manufacturer, Canon
continues to set new standards for quality, performance and
reliability. That’swhy you can trust Canon to provide you with
the solutionsyou need to make any workgroup more produc-
tive, and any business more competitive.