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New Baby
Cuddle Cub
helps comfort and ease children
to sleep with his unique heart
shaped unit which mimics mums
heartbeat by gently vibrating.
Order: CB/CC £29.50
Very Hungry Caterpillar
(28cm). 12 months +
Order: RD/HC96612 £12.50
Developmental Butterfly
Suitable from birth.
Order: RD/HC96619 £12.50
Very Hungry Caterpillar Book
12 months+
Order: RD/CL9001 £5.99
Very Special Baby Journal
Order: RD/RB9012 £15.00
Developmental Caterpillar
Suitable from birth.
Order: RD/HC96618 £12.50
Carry-along Farm Mat
Suitable from birth.
Order: WW/SW-3027 £29.50
Waddle the Penguin
Suitable from birth.
Order: JC/93146 £25.00
This range of lovable
animals will help bring
tranquility and comfort
to your precious ones.
Each of the friends calm
a different sense, to help
the whole family get a
better nights sleep.
Twilight Turtle
Eases children to sleep by
projecting a complete view of a
soothing, starry night sky onto
bedroom walls and ceiling.
Comes complete with a guide to
the constellations.
Order: CB/TT £28.50
Sleep Sheep
The Sleep Sheep is a soft and
fluffy stuffed animal which
attaches to the outside of the
crib or cot and produces natural,
soothing sounds to help baby
sleep easier and more soundly
through the night.
Order: CB/SS £28.50
Lavender Lab
Scientifically proven to have
sleep enhancing qualities which
makes this plush Labrador the
ideal bedtime companion for
your child as they go to sleep.
Order: CB/LL £19.50