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Creative Play
Trunk to Go
This trunk set is ready to go wherever you
go! Fully loaded with Lulu doll and 5
fashions, it’s perfect for jet-setting fashion
show on location or for staging a fashion
show for your friends! Trunk includes:-
•Lulu doll
•Light-up runway
•Sound player
•5 fashion outfits
•2 pairs of shoes
•3 Hangers
•10 VIP tickets
•10 announcement cards
•VIP pass
•5 Credit cards
•Changing Screen and & Show Sign
(* requires 2 AA batteries which are not
included) (dimensions 31x16.5x15cm)
Order: FA/11310 £79.50
Fashion Angels Living
Plush dolls with cute
embroidered faces and fabulous
fashions! Fully posable with,
they can be moved around.
Don’t tell anybody, but …….
Their hairdo’s are wigs! You can
change their wigs, as well as
their clothes, to create
completely different looks!
(38cm tall).
Izzy Order: FA/11020 £19.50
Debo Order: FA/11019 £19.50
Black Stripe Leggings
Order: FA/11271 £5.99
Red Skull T Shirt
Order: FA/11279 £5.99
Black long Tank
Order: FA/11287 £5.99
Hollywood Flats
Order: FA/11285 £5.99
Red Bubble Dress
Order: FA/11282 £6.99
Madrid Red Sequin Flats
Order Ref. FA/1284 £5.99
Magazine Editor
Create your own Fashion Magazine to share with
your friends! Includes digital camera, tripod,
camera case, strap, USB cord, software, back-
drops, layout guide, photography guide, tips and
more for shooting the best fashion photography!
Order: FA/11345 £49.50
Long Blonde Wig
Order: FA/11053 £8.99
Short Blue Wig
Order: FA/11054 £8.99
Extra Long Hoody
Order: FA/11259 £8.50
Pink Layered Mini
Order: FA/11278 £9.99
Long Beach Sneakers
Order: FA/11274 £5.99