General Maintenance
To maintain optimum performance and minimize wear fixtures should be cleaned frequently. Usage
and environment are contributing factors in determining frequency. As a general rule, fixtures should
be cleaned at least twice a month. Dust build up reduces light output performance and can cause
overheating. This can lead to reduced lamp life and increased mechanical wear. Be sure to power off
fixture before conducting maintenance.
Unplug fixture from power. Use a vacuum or air compressor and a soft brush to remove dust
collected on external vents and internal components. Clean all glass when the fixture is cold with a
mild solution of glass cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft lint free cotton cloth or lens tissue. Apply
solution to the cloth or tissue and drag dirt and grime to the outside of the lens. Gently polish optical
surfaces until they are free of haze and lint.
The cleaning of internal and external optical lenses and/or mirrors must be carried out periodically to
optimize light output. Cleaning frequency depends on the environment in which the fixture operates:
damp, smoky or particularly dirty surrounding can cause greater accumulation of dirt on the unit’s
optics. Clean with soft cloth using normal glass cleaning fluid. - Always dry the parts carefully. - Clean
the external optics at least every 20 days. Clean the internal optics at least every 30/60 days.
Returns Procedure
Returned merchandise must be sent prepaid and in the original packing, call tags will not be issued.
Package must be clearly labeled with a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA #).
Products returned without an RMA # will be refused. Call CHAUVET and request RMA # prior to
shipping the fixture. Be prepared to provide the model number, serial number and a brief description
of the cause for the return. Be sure to properly pack fixture, any shipping damage resulting from
inadequate packaging is the customer’s responsibility. CHAUVET reserves the right to use its own
discretion to repair or replace product(s). As a suggestion, proper UPS packing or double-boxing is
always a safe method to use.
Note: If you are given an RMA #, please include the following information on a piece of
paper inside the box:
1) Your name
2) Your address
3) Your phone number
4) The RMA #
5) A brief description of the symptoms
Damage incurred in shipping is the responsibility of the shipper; therefore the damage must be
reported to the carrier upon receipt of merchandise. It is the customer's responsibility to notify and
submit claims with the shipper in the event that a fixture is damaged due to shipping. Any other claim
for items such as missing component/part, damage not related to shipping, and concealed damage,
must be made within seven (7) days of receiving merchandise.
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