Cisco Intelligence Engine 2100 Series Configuration Registrar Manual
Preparing for Installation
This chapter describes the safety instructions and site requirements needed for installing the IE2100
Series device and guides you through installation preparation. It contains information about:
Preparing Your Site for Installation
Rack-Mounting the System
Required Tools and Equipment


This section provides safety information for installing this product.

Warnings and Cautions

Note Read the installation instructions in “Installing and Configuring the IE2100 Series” before you
connect the system to its power source because you must be extremely careful when installing
electrical devices. Failure to read and follow these guidelines could lead to an unsuccessful
installation and possible damage to the system and components.
Youshould observe the following safety guidelines when working with any equipment that connects to
electrical power or telephone wiring. They can help you avoid injuring yourself and damaging the
IE2100 Series.
The following warnings and cautions are provided to help you prevent damage to the devices or injury
to yourself:
Thesafety cover is an integral part of the product. Do not operate the unit without the safety cover
installed. Operating the unit without the cover in place will invalidate the safety approvals and
pose a risk of fire and electrical hazards.