Cognitive Solutions DT2424, DD42X4, DD2424 specifications Peeler Guide, Troubleshooting, Label Jam

Models: DT2424 DD42X4 DT42X4 DD2424

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Peeler Guide

Peeler Guide


If the printer locks up or prints labels incorrectly, cycle the power to recalibrate label position. Once the power has been turned off, queued print jobs must be sent to the printer again.

Label Jam

If a label jams in the peeler, disconnect power, open the peeler and remove the jammed label. Make certain the peeler mechanism is clean and free of debris before reloading media.

Caution! Do not attempt any further troubleshooting without first contact- ing Cognitive Technical Support. Any tampering with the printer may cause permanent damage and void the printer’s warranty.

Del Sol Peeler Specifications
2" printer with a peeler, media limitations:

Minimum media width:


Maximum media width:


4" printer with a peeler, media limitations:

Minimum media width:


Maximum media width:


To identify label parameters, use the HALT command defined in the Cognitive Programmer’s Guide. If you are using a Windows print driver, use the Stop After Label command or equivalent. For additional programming informa- tion, see the Cognitive Programmer’s Guide or your print driver manual.

Contact Cognitive for all of your supply needs, including media and cleaning pens.



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Applicable Models: DD2424, DT2424, DD42X4, DT42X4

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Cognitive Solutions specifications Peeler Guide, Troubleshooting, Applicable Models DD2424, DT2424, DD42X4, DT42X4