Installation Instructions

Outdoor Grill Cart

Covers Models OBC36, OBC52, OBCW52


1.Since the cart and the grill are heavy, this installation process should be accomplished by a minimum of two people. Remove all individual components to lighten the grill before installation. Remove the cart from the shipping pallet before installation.

2.Sheet metal edges can be dangerous in heavy lifting situations. Please wear gloves during installation.

3.Attach the appliance to the cart with all of the supplied bolts before use.

4.Read the use and care manual completely before operation.


1. The Dacor cart ships assembled ready for installation of the outdoor grill.

2.All gas and electrical connections should be made after the grill is installed and bolted to the cart.

3.Your cart is prepared for either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) gas connections. However, it is important to verify that your outdoor grill was ordered correctly. If you will be utilizing LP gas, your grill must indicate LP in the model number. Do not proceed with installation if the model is not correct. Field conversion from one gas type to another is not permissible.


1.Remove the cart from the shipping carton and pallet.

2.Set the cart in an open location and lock the wheels on the cart to minimize potential movement.

3.Remove the drawers.

4.Remove the outdoor grill from its shipping carton and pallet. Remove the parts box to lighten the appliance.

5.As you place the outdoor grill on the cart, feed the gas line and electrical cord into the utility cut-out on the cart.

6. Center the unit on the cart, making sure to line up the threaded mounting holes under the bottom of the grill with the holes in the top of the cart.

7.Thread all of the supplied bolts into the bottom of the outdoor grill from inside the cart. Tighten the bolts into place.

8.Install the side shelves if desired. See next page.

9.Before installing the front drawers and tank shelf, connect the regulator and gas supply line according to the Outdoor Grill Installation Instructions.






To avoid an explosion hazard, do not connect the cart




or appliance(s) to electrical power until after the gas




supply system has been checked for leaks.




Install the drawers. Put the LP tank on the tank shelf




and connect it, if applicable.

Locking Wheel

Fixed Wheel







The largest recommended LP tank size for the rollout tank shelf is five gallons.


Part No. 102044 Rev C