NOTE: To associate your computer with the wireless docking station using the cable association method, see the

User Manual

that ships with your Dell Wireless Dock.
1Install the software
NOTE: If you ordered your computer with the
DellWireless Dock, the software is pre-installed.
a) Insert the

Drivers and Utilities for the

DellWireless Dock

media. The DDeellll
WWiirreelleessss UUSSBB IInnssttaallll SShhiieelldd WWiizzaarrdd
window appears.
b)Select UUWWBB CCaarrdd aanndd WWiirreelleessss
DDoocckk ddrriivveerrss..
c)Follow the instructions on the screen to
install the software.
2Connect the AC adapter cable and the power cable
3Complete the PIN association
a) Double-click the icon located on
the taskbar to open the WWiirreelleessss UUSSBB
MMaannaaggeerr. Click AAdddd NNeeww DDeevviicceeto
scan for wireless devices.
b) The AAdddd nneeww ddeevviiccee window appears.
Enter the PIN code found on the
labellocated at the bottom of your
Dell Wireless Dock. Click CCoonnnneecctt
c) The Dell Wireless Dock icon turns
green to indicate a successful
wireless connection.