Dell™ 1250c Color Printer
Quick Reference Guide

About Your Printer Locating the Service Tag

1 Operator Panel 2 Output Tray
3 Output Tray Extension 4 Print Head Cleaning Rod
5 Toner Access Cover 6 Power Switch
7 Paper Width Guides 8 Multipurpose Feeder (MPF)
9 Front Cover 10 Length Guide
11 MPF Extension 12 Paper Cover
1 (Jam) indicator Indicates that a paper jam occurred or the rear cover
is open.
2 (Toner) indicator Indicates that the toner is low or empty, or toner error
3 (Error) indicator Indicates that an error occurred.
4 (Ready/Data) indicator Indicates the printer status, such as receiving and printing
5 (Start) button/indicator Press this button to start duplex printing after loading
Press and hold this button to print the Report pages.
6 (Cancel) button Press this button to cancel a job or clear an error.
7 (Manual Duplex) indicator Indicates that the printer is ready to print the second side
(odd) pages for duplex printing.
8 (Load Paper) indicator Indicates that no paper is loaded or a paper jam occurred
in the multipurpose feeder.

Loading Letterhead

Load the letterhead in the printer with the print-side facing up. Ensure that the title on the
letter head enters the printer first. |
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September 2010
Service Tag Express Service Code
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