class B
LPG Gas Combi Oven 101

Short Form Specification

Item No.
Electrolux Professional
class B LPG Gas Combi Oven 101
class B LPG Gas Combi Oven 101
268712 (AOS101GBD2)LPG Gas Combi Oven 101 -
Convection-steamer with dedicated steam generator guarantees a continuous
supply of fresh steam at all times.
air-o-flow: fresh air is blown into the oven from the outside, after it is pre-heated
it is pulled through the bi-functional fan, guaranteeing cooking evenness.
Humidity controlled through By-pass technology that guarantees the efficient use
of the steam generator thus reducing water and energy consumption. Manual
injection of water to add additional moisture in the cell.
air-o-clean: built-in cleaning system with four automatic pre-set cycles and one
semi-automatic cleaning cycle.
Cooking cycles: steam (100 °C), low temperature steam (25-99 °C), overheated
steam (101-130°C), hot air (25-300 °C), combi (25-250 °C), regeneration. 2-step
cooking with the possibility to combine different cycles. Half power, half speed and
pulse ventilation controls. Food probe for precise cooking. Double-glass door with
book-like opening maintains a cool external temperature and incorporates a drip
pan to collect excess condensation avoiding wet floors. Halogen lighting in the
cooking chamber. Side panels and interior in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Supplied with n.1 tray rack 1/1GN, 65mm pitch. Prearranged for LPG.

Main Features

Low temperature Steam cycle 25 °C to 99.4 °C: ideal
for sous-vide (vacuum packed) re-thermalization and
delicate cooking.
Steam cycle 100 °C: seafood and vegetables.
High temperature steam 100.5 °C - 130 °C.
Combination cycle 25 °C to 250 °C: combining
convected heat and steam to obtain humidity
controlled cooking environment, accelerating the
cooking process and reducing weight loss.
Hold function: provides an impulse ventilation ideal for
holding and light pastry.
Variable fan speed. Radial fan.
Reduced power cycle.
air-o-clean™ automatic and built-in self cleaning
system (4 automatic and 1 semi-automatic cycles).
Simple sensor core temperature probe included.


High efficiency and low emissions burners.
IPX 5 spray water protection certification for easy
304 AISI stainless steel construction throughout.
Seamless hygienic cooking chamber with all rounded
corners for easy cleaning.
Double thermo-glazed door with open frame
construction, for cool outside door panel. Swing
hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy
Swing hinged front panel for easy service access to
main components.

Optional Accessories

Couple of grids for whole chicken 1/1GN (8
per grid)PNC 922036
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=20mmPNC 922090
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=40mmPNC 922091
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=60mmPNC 922092
Baking tray with 4 edges, perforated
aluminium (400x600x20)PNC 922190
Baking tray with 4 edges, aluminium
(400x600x20)PNC 922191
Baking tray with 4 edges, perforated
aluminium (325x530x20)PNC 922193
Baking tray with 4 edges, aluminium
(325x530x20)PNC 922194
Standard open base with tray support for
6&10x1/1GNPNC 922195
Frying griddle GN 1/1 PNC 922215
Double-click closing catch for doorPNC 922265
Grid for whole chicken 1/1GN (8 per grid -
1,2kg each)PNC 922266