Electrolux Prostore

400 - 650 liter smart freezers
The Electrolux Prostore range is produced for the customer who needs refrigeration products suitable for
gastronorm containers.Prostore has a highly effective cooling system with "hidden" evaporator that gives
higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems.The product range comprises of 400 and 650 Lt models
with full door in AISI 304 stainless steel. All the internal finishes are in stainless steel.The models detailed on
this sheet are two freezers with capacity of 400/650 litres with smart electronic control.
• Internal and external in stainless
steel AISI 304 (back, external
• Runners and supports in
stainless steel easily disassembled
(without any tool) for more
convenient cleaning.
• All models require only 1 phase
220/240V supply. They can
therefore be plugged straight into
an existing power socket.
• Automatic evaporation of the
defrosting water by hot gas on the
• Designed to operate at ambient
temperatures up to +43 °C.
• Hidden evaporator thus
guaranteeing higher storage
capacity and less corrosion
• Smart electronic control gives
the following opportunities:
- Haccp incorporated :when
temperature exceeds critical limits
it provides with an acoustic and
visual alarm. All events are
recorded displaying date and time
of all events.
- Smart electronic defrost : thus
guaranteeing the defrost cycle
only when it is necessary because
ice in the evaporator is detected
by a dedicate probe.
- Intelligence when failure : when
a probe breaks it remembers its
performance of last 24h and
continue to work. In this way food
is safe and service can be called.
- Diagnostic: four probes
constantly control working
condition of the appliances.
- Food categories : depending by
food stored it can be selected
appropriate temperature and
humidity just pushing a button.
• Self closing and reversible
left/right doors.
• Door microswitch to stop the fan
once the door is opened.
• Light as standard in all models.
The glass door models are
equipped with internal vertical light
for a better illumination of the