Before Operating Your Washer

Read your washer Use and Care Guide. It has
important safety and warranty information. It also
has many suggestions for best washing results.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your washer Use and
Care Guide before operating this appliance.

Operating Steps

Read and follow “Washing Procedures” in your
Use and Care Guide. It provides detailed informa-
tion for preparing the wash load and choosing con-
trol settings to ensure best washing results.
1. Sort laundry into loads that can be washed to-
2. Prepare items for washing.
3. Pretreat stains and heavy soil.
4. Add laundry load to the wash drum.
5. Open the dispenser drawer and add the mea-
sured amount of a high efficiency detergent to the
detergent compartment. If desired, add liquid
bleach and fabric softener to the appropriate com-
partments. They will be dispensed at the proper
times. Slowly close dispenser drawer. The washer
will not operate with the drawer open.
Note: From time to time you may see water in the
bleach and fabric softener compartments.
This is a result of the siphoning action and
is part of the normal operation of the washer.
6. Press CYCLES until the desired cycle is se-
lected. Suitable wash and rinse water tempera-
tures, final spin speed and options will automati-
cally be displayed. To change these settings, press
TEMPS, SPEED and OPTIONS until the desired
selections are made. These adjustments to the
cycle will automatically be remembered each time
that cycle is selected.
7. To select or delete Heavy Soil/Stain, Auto T emp,
Extra Spin and Extra Rinse, press OPTIONS until
the flashing light indicates a desired option. Then
press SELECT to add or delete the option.
Note: To provide the best care for your laundry
items, not every temperature, speed and
option is available with every cycle.
8. Add desired features by pressing symbols for
Control Lock
End-of-Cycle Signal
9. Start the washer.
Close the door and touch START. The washer
will not operate with the door open. As a safety
measure, the door will automatically lock dur-
ing the entire wash cycle and “DOOR LOCK”
will be displayed.
To pause the cycle, press STOP/CANCEL once.
“PAU” will flash alternately with the time remain-
ing display. The door can then be opened to add
a forgotten item. However, if the washer was
paused during final spin, it will take approxi-
mately 2-3 minutes for the door lock to release.
Do not force the door open.
To restart the washer, press START. Tumbling
will be resumed where it was interrupted. If the
washer was interrupted during spin, the spin time
will be reset.
To stop the washer, press STOP/CANCEL twice.
Two dash lines will be displayed.
10. A signal will sound when the end-of-cycle signal
option is selected. Remove items when cycle ends.

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