Frymaster D260GSCF specifications Dean, Super Cascade Under Fryer UFF Built-in Filter, Models

Models: D260GSCF

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Super Cascade Under Fryer (UFF) Built-in FilterDean®

Super Cascade Under Fryer (UFF) Built-in Filter




CSI Section 11400









Standard Features

4 GPM (15 LPM) filter pump with powerful 1/3 HP motor

Rear oil return flushes crumbs into filter pan

Drain safety switch on Decathlon fryers

Internally plumbed 3” (7.6 cm) oil drain and return lines;

1” (2.5 cm) rear gas connection with- out shut-off valve

Perforated filter crumb tray


Filter starter kit: filtration powder sample, 25 sheets filter paper, clean-out rod, gloves, cleaning brush

Heavy gauge stainless steel construction

Options & Accessories

SuperModels 8 GPM (30 LPM) filter pump

Standard FeaturesOptions & Accessories Drain flush option for cleaning heavy sediment drain manifold Specifications Filter heater for solid shortening

use - Add 1.3 Amps

Cascade Under Fryer (UFF) Built-in FilterManual background 5’ (152 cm) wash down hose and nozzle assembly

Manual backgroundManual background See Dean Price List for filter paper and optional accessories


Designed for trouble-free filtering of fryer batter- ies without wasting valuable space

Dean’s renowned, built-in filtration system puts filtration where it’s most convenient to use -- right within the fryer battery -- eliminating the need for additional floor and storage space.

The filtering process is fast and easy, encouraging fre- quent filtering -- a critical part of maximizing oil life, especially with trans-fat free oils. It is also sequential, so one fryer may be filtered while the others are still in use. It is engineered with features that allow added conve- nience and ease of use.

This system is enhanced with a gravity draining system that allows residual oil to drain into the filter pan so that drain lines are always open. The filter, housed beneath two Dean fryers or one fryer and a spreader, is capable of filtering up to six fryers, individually, without having to be moved from fryer to fryer, saving valuable labor. One fifty-pound fryer can be filtered in about four minutes, while other fryers in the battery keep on cooking.

This filter comes standard with a powerful 4 GPM pump to maximize filtering efficiency and minimize clogging. The stainless steel filter pan is equipped with casters and an automatic connection for ease of access.

Perform complete filtering quickly and efficiently: •Automatic, hands-free connection

•Two-step filtration process -- Step one: open drain valve, open return valve to activate filter pump . Step two: Close drain valve; close return valve to turn off pump

•Ramp supports engage and lift filter pan off floor to effortlessly clear floormats

•Large sump with secure hold-down ring ensures proper vacuum and superior oil filtration

•Rear-flush rear return makes for ease of cleaning

Cascade Under Fryer (UFF) Built-in Filter

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Frymaster D260GSCF specifications Dean, Super Cascade Under Fryer UFF Built-in Filter, Models, Standard Features