New Feature in 3.52

Bank / Patch Manager

The following functionality has been added to the Loaded Instrument Viewer:
Right-click an instrument to display the Bank/Patch Manager interface
o Pressing “Resolve All Conflicts” will automatically assign new
Bank/Patch values to loaded instruments to eliminate duplicates.
o The bank and/or patch number of the selected instrument can be manually
New Features In 3.51
GVI now supports multiple instances on multi-processor (dual core) computers
for Steinberg’s Cubase, Steinberg’s Nuendo and Digidesign’s Pro Tools.
GVI now includes a per instance memory usage meter when hosted in a VST or
RTAS DAW application.
GVI now supports access to instrument help documentation, when provided with
a soundware library. This is accessed from the MIDI channel pulldown menu in
the MIDI Mixer where the instrument is loaded. If no help file is present, this
menu item will not be displayed.
GVI now includes a link to the product registration web page under the Help
menu. Registration gains the user access to informative newsletters, special deals
& promotions and freebies.
The Loaded Instrument Viewer can be brought up by either selecting “Loaded
Instruments” from a MIDI Mixer channel pulldown or by pressing the Instrument
Viewer toolbar icon. Once open, instruments can be loaded onto any MIDI
channel by drag & drop.