Safety Notice

To prevent fire or electric shocks please read the instruction before
installing, using and cleaning the television.
lPlease read all the instructions before operation;
lPlease keep the manual for future reference ;
lDo not use any accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer:
lBefore operation, make sure the operating voltage of this unit is corresponds
with your house electrical supply;
lDo not place the unit on unstable or in dusty and humid places;
lNever put the unit in direct sunlight or near heat sources;
lAllow enough space for proper ventilation;
lPlease keep water away from the LCD-TV . If water comes in to contact with
the LCD-TV, disconnect the power cord from the power source, then wipe the
set with a dry soft cloth;
l Do not remove the back cover. If servicing is required , please refer to
customer helpline.