Power On and Power Off
Below are methods on how to power on/off the TV set with the switch on the TV and
on the remote control.

Power on/off

Connect/disconnect to the power

1.Connect the power supply wire, then press
power switch button, the power indicator will
3. Press the button on the remote control
to get into the standby state.
4. Press the button on the TV set to
completely turn off the TV.
1.You can also press the 0-9
button to call off the standby
status instead of pressing the
DC Standby button. Press the
digit button of the preset channel
(limited to one digit) , you can
complete the selection of channel while you turn on the
TV set( To operate the preset of TV channel, please see
on page 10-13). TUNING
2.When you do not use the remote control, you can
directly press the the button on the television to call off
the standby status.

Power supply auto-off function

When the (black background) is set ,
and there is no signal , game screen protection
works, and ,in15 minutes later, it will change
into standby status.
DC Standby Button
Direct-digit Choosing Button
2. If the TV is in the state of standby, press the
button on the remote control.