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... back on.
1 Second
OFF then...


* resets to Auto Mode at dawn.
TEST 1 5 10 MIN
TEST 1 5 10 MIN

Motion Sensing

Coach Light

Set the ON-TIME switch on
the bottom of the cover plate
to TEST and the DualBrite®
switch OFF.
Set ON-TIME switch to
1, 5, or 10 minutes.
Manual mode only works at
night because daylight re-
turns the sensor to AUTO.
Flip the light switch off for
one second then back on to
toggle between AUTO and
Manual mode works only with
the ON-TIME switch in the 1,
5, or 10 position.
Mode: On-Time Works: Day Night
Test 5 Seconds x x
Auto 1, 5, or 10 Min x
Manual To Dawn* x
Accent 3, 6 Hr, to Dawn x
Note: When first turned on wait about 1 1/2
minutes for the circuitry to calibrate.
Before installation, record the model number
from back of fixture below. Attach receipt in
case of possible warranty issues.
Items Models
231896 PF-4125-AZ
253383 PF-4129-AZ
007677 PF-4144-AZ
017726 PF-4144-NB
182143 PF-4151-AZ
063285 PF-4152-BK
253381 PF-4156-AZ
012043 PF-4166-PB
021746 PF-4166-SA
066640 PF-4180-PB
Questions or problems? Before returning
to your retailer, refer to the troubleshooting
guide in this manual or call our technical ser-
vice department at 1-800-858-8501 (English
speaking only), 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, CST,
Monday – Friday.


• Light comes on when motion is detected.
• Automatically turns light off.
• Dusk Accent lighting.
• Photocell keeps the light off during daylight

Package Contents

• Lantern
• Easy to use Universal Mounting Bracket
• Mounting Hardware
• Wire Connectors
• Some Models Include an Optional Decora-
tive Tail Assembly


• The Light Control requires 120 volts AC.
• If you want to use Manual Mode, the control
must be wired through a switch.
Some electrical codes require installa-
tion by a qualified electrician.