Hisense Group KFR 2801GW/BPE Tips for Energy Saving, Troubleshooting, Do not Do, Possible Cause

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Tips for Energy Saving

Tips for Energy Saving

Do not


¡ñ Block the air intake and outlet of the unit. If they are obstructed, the unit will not work well, and may be damaged.

¡ñ Let sunlight directly into the room. Use sunshades, blinds or curtains. If the walls and ceiling of the room are warmed by the sun, it will take longer time to cool the room.

¡ñAlways try to keep the air filter clean. (Refer to¡°Care and Cleaning¡±.)A clogged filter will impair the performance of the unit.

¡ñTo prevent conditioned air from escaping, keep windows, doors and any other openings closed.


If your air conditioner does not work properly, first check the following points before requesting service. If it still does not work properly, contact your dealer or service center.


Possible Cause





Air conditioner does not run at

1.Power failure.

1.Restore power.


2.Leakage breaker tripped.

2.Contact service center.


3.Line voltage is too low.

3.Consult your electrician or dealer.


4.Operation button is OFF.

4.Press the button again.


5.Batteries in remote control unit have

5.Replace batteries.


run down.





OPERATING lamp flashes

Trouble in wiring system.

Contact servicer center.


while air conditioner does



not operate.






Compressor runs but soon

Obstruction in front of condenser coil.

Remove obstruction.







Poor cooling (or heating)

1.Dirty or clogged air filter.

1.Clean air filter to improve airflow.


2.Heat source or many people in room.

2.Eliminate heat source if possible.


3.Doors and/or windows are open.

3.Shut them to keep the heat (or cold)


4.Obstacle near air intake or air



discharge port.

4.Remove it to ensure good airflow.


5.Thermostat is set too high for

5.Set the temperature lower.(or higher)


cooling(or too low for heating).



6.(Outdoor temperature is too low.)

6.(Try to use a back-up heater.)


7.(Defrosting system does not work.)

7.(Consult your healer.)




Clicking sound is heard from

In heating or cooling operation, some

This is normal, and the sound will soon

the air conditioner.

plastic parts may expand or shrink due


to a sudden temperature change. In



this event, a clicking sound may occur.





OPERATING lamp lights but

1.The use of portable telephones near

1.Turn off the power then restart the air

outdoor unit will not run.

the air conditioner may cause

conditioner after 3 minute.


disturbance to its normal operation.



2.Restart the air conditioner after turn

2.The unit will restart automatically


off the power immediately.

after three minutes.




Do not18Troubleshooting

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Hisense Group KFR 2801GW/BPE, KFR 2601GW/BPE Tips for Energy Saving, Troubleshooting, Do not Do, Possible Cause, Remedy