© 2003 TDM Audio, Inc. Electronic Crossover Owner’s Manual Page 2

*** Read Before Using ***

CAUTION: The following must be observed to prevent
malfunctioning and/or possible equipment damage.
Before plugging the unit into the main AC line, make
sure that all of the equipment following the crossover
output lines is turned off or all of the inputs are turned
Never change the frequency range switch from the x10
to x1 position (or vice versa) with the crossover output
levels passing signal. Transients can result and speaker
damage is possible.
The unit should be plugged in only when it has been
established that the main AC line is supplying the
correct voltage and frequency. US models are set up for
110 VAC at 60 Hz.
Keep the unit away from excessive moisture.
Allow only authorized technicians (consult your dealer)
to open the unit. TDM Audio assumes no liability for
damage or injuries.