© 2003 TDM Audio, Inc. Electronic Crossover Owner’s Manual Page 19
Optional Output Limiters
he TDM 24CX series crossovers can be ordered with output limiters. These let you set the
maximum level for each crossover output. Limiters are used to help protect speaker
components and ears from damage by excessive levels. Levels above the preset threshold
are reduced automatically by the limiter circuit.
If your TDM 24CX series crossover has limiters installed, you will find a set of small, yellow,
“trimmer” knobs recessed into the bottom of the unit—one near each crossover output. Use a
small screwdriver to adjust these. The units are shipped from the factory with the trimmers set
fully counter-clockwise. In this position there is no limiting. As you turn the trimmers clockwise,
you lower the limiting threshold, thus reducing the maximum output signal for a given crossover
Set up and adjust the crossover for normal operation, then set the limiter thresholds as the final
step. One easy, effective way to set the limiter thresholds is by using any audio signal. Increase
the level of this signal until it just passes the threshold. In other words, keep increasing the
volume until it is slightly louder than you would ever want it to be. Then reduce the limiter
threshold by turning the little yellow trimmers clockwise until the volume of the signal is
reduced adequately. For example, if you want to set the limiters so that your amplifiers are never
driven into clipping, set up an input signal and increase it in volume until the amps just begin to
clip; then reduce the limiter threshold for each output until that output’s amp channel is no longer