Hotpoint FZA84, FZM84, FZA54, FZM54 For Your Safety, For your safety, read the following advice

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For Your Safety





For your safety, read the following advice:

The freezer cooling system contains a small amount of gas which is environmentally friendly but flammable. To avoid any risk :-

Install the freezer following the installation instructions and ensure that ventilation openings are kept clear of obstruction.

Take care when installing or moving the freezer to avoid damaging the pipes on the rear.

If you suspect a leak, do not switch on the freezer, but open the windows and doors to ventilate the room.

Do not use any electrical devices inside the freezer, for instance for defrosting.

Do not use any mechanical devices for defrosting other than any which may have been supplied with the freezer as they may cause damage.

Only use this freezer for storing domestic foodstuffs.

When installing your freezer :-

Ensure that the mains cable is not trapped underneath or behind the freezer when you install or move it.

Do not stack any other appliance on top of this freezer as they may damage the freezer or become unstable.

When using your freezer :-

Do not sit or stand on top of your freezer.

Do not store poisonous, flammable or dangerous substances in your freezer.

Do not use aerosol sprays for defrosting or cleaning your freezer.

If you sell the freezer, pass on this booklet to the new owner.


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Hotpoint FZA84, FZM84, FZA54 manual For Your Safety, For your safety, read the following advice, When installing your freezer