6Using Settings

NOTE: The icons on the Home screen and the appearance of the Home screen may vary.

Use Settings for connecting to networks, setting preferences, and finding information about your tablet.

On the Home screen, touch .

– or –

Swipe down from the top, and then touch .


Select preferences for connecting your tablet to wireless and other types of networks.

Wi-Fi—Enable or disable Wi-Fi, and connect to a wireless network to check email, search the Web, or access social media websites.

Cast screen (select models only)—Enable or disable connection to a wireless network to stream content from your tablet to a wireless display device.

Bluetooth (select models only)—Enable or disable Bluetooth, and pair a Bluetooth device, such as a headset or keyboard, with your tablet.

Data usage (select models only)—View a graph of the data used during the selected period. The data usage by each installed app is also displayed.

More...—Enable or disable Airplane mode, VPN, Tethering & portable hotspot, or Mobile networks.


Sound—Select volume, ringtone (select models only), and vibration preferences for your tablet.

Volumes—TouchVolumes, touch Music, video, games, & other media, Notifications, or Alarms. Touch the slider to select the desired volume, and then touch OK.

Phone ringtone (select models only)—Touch Phone ringtone, touch a ringtone to select it, and then touch OK.

Vibrate when ringing (select models only)—Select the check box to enable vibration or clear the check box to disable it.

Controller (select models only)—Enable or disable a game controller.

Sound—Select notification, touch, and screen lock sound preferences for your tablet.

Default notification sound—TouchDefault notification sound, touch a sound to select it, and then touch OK.

Dial pad touch tones (select models only)—Select the check box to enable, or clear the check box to disable.

8Chapter 6 Using Settings