2Using the Home screen

The Home screen provides a central location where you can customize the information, media, and applications you would like to access quickly.

NOTE: The icons on the Home screen and the appearance of the Home screen may vary.

To display notifications, swipe down from the top left.

To display settings, swipe down from the top right (select models only).

Touch an icon to perform the action described in the table.






All apps (select models only)—Displays a list of all apps.


To see all widgets, touch the Widgets tab.


– or –


Touch and hold the Home screen to display the Set Home Screen menu, and then


select Widgets.




Back—Opens the previous screen.

Home—Opens the central Home screen.


To see a left or right Home screen, swipe to the left or right.


To quickly return to the Home screen, touch









Recent apps—Opens a list of apps that you have used recently.


Touch an app to open it.




To remove an app from the list, depending on the tablet model, swipe it to the



left or right, or swipe it up or down.




























Search—Allows you to type one or more keywords to search



with the installed search app.









Voice search—Allows you to touch

, and then speak one



or more keywords to search with the installed search app.






*The search feature varies by model and country.

2Chapter 2 Using the Home screen