Huawei HG530 manual Trademarks and Permissions, Specification

Models: HG530

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1 Mbit/s, 2 Mbit/s, 5.5 Mbit/s, 11


transmission rates






6 Mbit/s, 9 Mbit/s, 12 Mbit/s, 18




Mbit/s, 24 Mbit/s, 36 Mbit/s, 48




Mbit/s, 54 Mbit/s



802.11n (with

6.5 Mbit/s, 13.0 Mbit/s, 13.5



1T1R antenna

Mbit/s, 19.5 Mbit/s, 26.0 Mbit/s,




27.0 Mbit/s, 39.0 Mbit/s, 40.5




Mbit/s, 52.0 Mbit/s, 54.0 Mbit/s,




58.5 Mbit/s, 65.0 Mbit/s, 81.0




Mbps, 108.0 Mbit/s, 117.0 Mbit/s,




121.5 Mbit/s, 135.0 Mbit/s

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Huawei HG530 manual Trademarks and Permissions, Specification