Hunter Fan 42749-01 warranty Installing the Ceiling Plate

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2 • Installing the Ceiling Plate

2 • Installing the Ceiling Plate

Manual background CAUTION: To avoid possible electrical shock, before installing your fan, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breakers to the outlet box and associated wall switch location. If you cannot lock the circuit breakers in the off position, securely fasten a prominent warning device, such as a tag, to the service panel.

2-1. Drill two pilot holes into the wood support structure through the outermost holes in the outlet box. The pilot holes should be 9/64” in diameter.

2-2. Your fan comes with four neoprene noise isolators (“Isolators”). Position the isolators between the ceiling plate and ceiling by inserting the raised areas on each isolator into the holes in the ceiling plate.

2-3. Thread the lead wires from the outlet box down through the hole in the middle of the ceiling plate.

2-4. Align the slotted holes in the ceiling plate with the pilot holes you drilled in the wood support structure. For proper alignment use slotted holes directly across from each other.

Note: The isolators should be flush against the ceiling.

2-5. Place a flat washer on each of the two 3” wood screws and pass the screws through the slotted holes in the ceiling plate into the pilot holes you drilled.

Tighten the screws into the 9/64” pilot holes; do not use lubricants on the screws. Do not over tighten.

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Step 2-2

Steps 2-32-5

Manual background Flat Washer

3” Wood Screw

For Angled Ceilings: Be sure to orient the ceiling plate so that the arrows printed on the ceiling plate are pointing towards the ceiling peak.

42749-01 • 05/04/07 • Hunter Fan Company

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Hunter Fan 42749-01 warranty Installing the Ceiling Plate