A single integrated system to power personalization

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IBM Infoprint Color 130 PlusFull Color Digital Printer
State-of-the-art Advanced
Function Presentation (AFP)
system designed for complex,
variable content full-color printing
Production workflow is automated,
eliminating operator involvement
in the ripping process
System can automatically be
restarted on the last page printed
— no need to re-run the whole job
AFP manages every object on
a page from the output server
to print completion, helping to
ensure data integrity
Up to 138 full-color impressions
per minute with 300 lpi screening
for superior print quality
Prints applications utilizing AFP,
Adobe PostScript 3 and PDF 1.3
New printer controller incorporates
BM RISC hardware with RIP
control software to maximize
multiprocessing power
Fully automated density and
registration system for more
efficient operation and consistent
print quality
Highlights Groundbreaking technology
The IBM® Infoprint® Color 130 Plus
powers personalized communications
with groundbreaking technology that
provides the ability to print fully variable
content pages at very high print speeds
and excellent print quality. Support for
variable data allows each copy of the
print run to be made unique with
individualized images and data. This
Advanced Function Presentation (AFP)
system uses Infoprint Manager for AIX®
or Print Services Facility
) for S/390
to manage printing on the Infoprint Color
130 Plus. These technologies can help
lower the cost of operation and provide
the user with the control, power, and
flexibility required by the e-business world.
Response rates can increase dramatically with variable
data pictures, product offerings and text messages that
are unique to a specific customer.
The way you’ve always wanted
a printer to work
Advanced Function Presentation
provides features that can help lower
operation costs, ensure data integrity,
and simply cause the printer to behave
like you’ve always thought printers
should. For example, AFP allows the
production workflow to be automated.
Traditional color printing systems require
operators to manage image objects and
the ripping process. The Infoprint Color
130 Plus system manages the caching
of image objects and the entire ripping
process. Operators do not need to
manage RIP servers or track each job
from rip pin g t hrou gh pri nti ng.