Getting Service
Always read the Solving Computer Problems
chapter of your

User's Reference

before calling
During the warranty period, you can get help and
information from the International Warranty Service
(IWS) in your country. Before you call, fill out the
front of this card. Also have:
Exact wording of any error messages
Hardware and software configuration informa-
Description of the problem
Information and serial numbers of any options
installed on your system
International Warranty Service
This IBM product is eligible for service interna-
tionally wherever your machine type is sold by IBM.
Your computer must be registered to receive inter-
national service. To register, call one of the fol-
lowing IWS offices:

Help through a ThinkPad Web Site

The latest information about ThinkPad
Technical support information:
Southeast Asia, Australia, New
Zealand, and Hong Kong: 61-2-9354-4171
Canada, Latin America, and the U.S.: 1-800-497-7426
Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 44-1475-893638
Japan, Korea, China (except Hong
Kong), and Taiwan: 81-462-73-7598