Bottom Center Pivot

Improper pivot set installation can lead to personal injury or property damage. Follow
all instructions carefully. For questions contact Technical Support at 1-888-371-7331.


1. Prepare and mortise bottom of door and floor to receive pivot set. Determine pivot location using
dimensions on reverse side. Be sure to properly locate base plate. The finish plate of pivot base
assembly should be removed until installation is complete.
2. Prepare bottom of door. If bottom of door has not been prepared prior to pivot installation, mortise per
dimensions on reverse side. The bottom of the door must have a removable heel section (Figure 1).
3. Remove pivot clamp from door pivot leaf with 5/16” Allen wrench. Locate, drill, and tap mounting holes
for door leaf. Mount door leaf in bottom of door with screws provided.
4. Locate and prepare cutout in floor for pivot base. The pivot base assembly must be located so that the
center line of top pivot point is plumb with center line of base pivot point. Secure pivot base:
A. Prepare compound that will be used to fill around pivot base (concrete, cement, grout, etc.).
B. Fill cutout with compound, leaving room for concrete channel base to fit flush with floor.
C. Set pivot base into cutout. Align base assembly so pivot point is in proper position.
D. Use a level to be sure pivot base assembly is level on all sides.
E. Secure in proper position until compound sets up completely. Once compound has set up, mounting
screws can be removed, allowing removal or replacement of pivot base assembly.
F. Re-attach finish plate.
5. Maneuver door into position, about 90° to frame. Position door so door pivot leaf mates with pivot pin
as shown in Figure 2. Re-attach pivot clamp as shown in Figure 3. Do not tighten clamp screws
completely. Engage pivot leafs at top of door. Now tighten clamp screws securely.
6. If height adjustment is necessary for proper clearance, use shims between door bottom and pivot
leaf to increase clearance. To decrease clearance, mortise in door must be made deeper.
Pivot clamp
Finish plate
anchor pins
2” minimum door thickness.



Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

channel base

Installation Instructions

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