McCulloch ZM3016BF/966564001 manual Troubleshooting, Problem, Cause

Models: ZM3016BF/966564001

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The engine will not start.

Blade lever is engaged.

Steering controls are not locked in neutral position.

Driver is not sitting in driver’s seat.

Parking brake is not activated.

Battery is dead.

Contamination in carburetor or fuel line.

Fuel supply is closed or tap for fuel tank is in wrong position.

Clogged fuel filter or fuel line.

The starter does not turn the engine over.

Dead battery.



• Poor contacts on the battery terminal cable







Fuse blown.



Ignition system faulty.



• Fault in the starter safety circuit. See Checking the




Safety System in the Maintenance section.





The engine runs rough.

Faulty carburetor.



• Choke control used with warm engine.



Defective valves.



• Defective piston, cylinder, piston ring, or




cylinder head seal.



• Cylinder head bolts are loose.



• Clogged fuel filter or jet.



• Clogged ventilation valve on fuel cap.



• Fuel tank nearly empty.



Fouled spark plug.



• Spark plug is loose.



Defective ignition cable.



• Defective spark plug electrode.



• Defective spark plug connection.



• Rich fuel mixture or fuel-air mixture.



Wrong fuel type.



Water in fuel.



Clogged air filter.


Page 43
Image 43
McCulloch ZM3016BF/966564001 manual Troubleshooting, Problem, Cause