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DSP420 RS232
Data from DS 6ii03

Meridian DSP420 RS232 Interface.

General Information

The RS232 interface for the DSP420 can be operated from any terminal that operates at 9600 baud
with 1 start bit, 1 stop bit and no parity. Commands take the form of 2 ASCII characters, in some
cases followed by a signed argument (‘nn’ below). All characters are echoed by the speaker. A
carriage return character will execute the command and backspace is also implemented. When a
command is executed, the speaker will return 8 characters.

Basic Functions

The following tables list the basic commands available and show examples of the messages
returned. In each case the message retuned via RS232 corresponds with the display on the front
panel of the processor.
Source Commands
RS232 Command Description Message Returned
CD Select CD source CD 65
RD Select Radio Radio 65
LP Select LP LP 65
TV Select TV TV 65
T1 Select Tape 1 Tape1 65
T2 Select Tape 2 Tape2 65
CR Select CDR CDR 65
CB Select Cable Cable 65
DV Select DVD DVD 65
V1 Select VCR 1 VCR1 65
V2 Select VCR 2 VCR2 65
LD Select Laser Disc LDisc 65
Volume Commands
RS232 Command Description Message Returned
VP Volume + CD 66
VM Volume - CD 64
VNnn Go to volume (1-99) CD 87
MU Mute Mute
SB Standby Standby
POnn Position Setting, 0=Normal, 1=High, 2=Corner Normal
BNnn Bass setting B. +2.0
TNnn Tilt Setting T. -3.0
LNnn Balance setting L. +3
%inn Input 1=D1, 2=D2 Input D1
PHnn Phase Phase +